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Shutting Down Website
Jan 7, 13 9:12 AM
November Update
Nov 27, 12 2:46 AM
Mists Is Here
Sep 30, 12 8:35 PM
Best Rated Players on TB Server
Sep 13, 12 11:09 AM
Final PvP Report for S11
Sep 11, 12 3:00 AM
Other Guild News

Shutting Down Website

Ogrimm, Jan 7, 13 9:12 AM.
Hi all,

This website will be shut down shortly and will no longer be updated after this final post. No more statistics will be posted or updated after this date.

We will continue running Rated BGs every Saturday night at 7 pm server, but in a complete reversal of the previous news item, we will be imposing a minimum 1550+ Arena achievement to anyone who wants to play. Last Saturday we played with team composed of players above this rating, and were able to achieve almost 1700 MMR in a single evening's session. Lelle also received her Knight title - congratulations furball!

This change in policy and the closure of the website are due to the following factors:

1. Due to the advent of cross-server technology our pool of players has expanded world wide rather than being limited to Thorium Brotherhood. I made toons on Frostmourne and Jubei'thos - both highly populated PvP servers - and was shocked at the massive number of high rated players spamming trade chat looking for Rated BG teams. In comparison with the tepid response and the poor quality of PvP players we get on TB trade, these realms are basically teeming with high rated players looking for Rated BG teams, especially during prime time. Last Saturday I was able to pull 5 players from trade in Frostmourne, none of them below 1600+ (one was 2.2k priest).

2. While we were limited to the TB pool of players I thought our only option barring moving from the server was to develop players internally. We no longer have to do this. Furthermore, I have spent more than a year trying to develop players with leaderboards, war games, drills, gold prizes and so on, to no dramatic effect. To my knowledge, the only players who broke 1550+ was Herestheboom, Volya and Seefooh. Herestheboom was already a 2k player, and Volya and Seefooh, while definitely competent, only play irregularly. None of our other regulars (excluding the ones who already have the achievement) ever got over 1550+. It also depresses me that our regular all guild team never EVER beat a team above 1600+ since we started way back in Season 10, but a team made up of a hodge podge of people from different servers climbed to almost 1700 in one night, beating several 1700 teams and one 1800 in the process.

3. In light of this, we will be running strict guidelines on who can play in our RBGs - chiefly, a minimum 1550+ Arena achievement, Skype and the BG Targets add on. While guildies who cannot play might think this grossly unfair, I point out that we are not asking anything that no one in the current team hasn't done at the moment. All of the present team have at least 1550+ in Arena, and all we are asking is that others who want to play achieve this level of competence before playing with the team. If this makes people leave, that is totally fine and there will be no hard feelings. It is just a game, and everyone should go where they can have fun and enjoy the game in the way they want. For me, after months and months of playing at sub-1500 I would really like to play at the highest level that I can, with people who have the same kind of mindset and goals. So apologies again, but that's the way it is going to be from here on out with our RBG team.

Thank you to everyone who ran in the FAC, to members past and present - your kindness and company has been appreciated. All the best in your endeavours, whether WoW or RL related - I'll see you in-game if you guys decide to stick around. If not, I hope you pwn the Horde wherever you decide to go. :D


November Update

Ogrimm, Nov 27, 12 2:46 AM.
Just a few updates for November:

1. RBGs are progressing well after a shaky start. We are currently at 14-24, with an MMR hovering in the high 1400s (we pushed past 1500 a couple of times). I'm no longer interested in pushing rating with the team, however, and am quite content just to use it as a means of capping Conquest Points every week. I was putting too much pressure on myself and our team chasing rating last season, and although we did achieve our goal, it is probably unrealistic to think that we can push to 1600+ given the state of PvP on the server. By foregoing the hunt for rating we can have fun, be more open about who let play in our games, and not be so worried about how we do each week.

2. In accordance with this new outlook I am no longer giving out gold prizes or MvP awards or any kind of monetary awards for winning. I introduced this system in the hope that it would encourage people to work hard on their PvP and improve their personal ratings in Arena and RBGs. As a system it has been a total flop. The only person who won the 5k bounty was a 2k blow in from Frostmourne who came in, teamed up with me to get his 1550+ ratings in 2s, 3s and 5s, took the money and left the server. The guild ended up with a net loss of 5k gold and one less player. The MvP ladder, which I hoped would have at least given some incentive to boost performance, was also not as successful as I would have liked. While it was extremely helpful in letting me identify the top performers in our games, as a means of improving the overall standard it was marginal at best. It did have a positive effect on the number of dispels and CCs once we started tracking them, but there were no breakout improvements which I was hoping for. I've had a bit of a sea change about how I approach PvP within our guild, and that is to let people just play at the level that they are comfortable with. After many years of trying I have come to realize that nothing I do will turn PvErs and casual PvPers into hardcore PvPers, and I will probably just piss people off by pushing and pushing. That kind of transformation comes from within, so if people can't or won't or don't want to do it, then that's perfectly fine and it's their choice. I'm going to satisfy my competitive streak in 2s, 3s and 5s with like-minded people, and keep our RBGs an open environment for all our guildies.

Mists Is Here

Ogrimm, Sep 30, 12 8:35 PM.
Pandaria has arrived, and it, for me, is awesome. I'm having a blast, and hope others are too.

With the arrival of Mists, I have just quickly summarized what the guild can offer for its members in 5.0 and beyond:

a) Casual PvEr - defined (by me) as people who enjoy the myriad of activities WoW has to offer for their own reasons (questing, fishing, scenarios, dungeons, etc.), and not necessarily in order to raid or to compete in ladder based PvP. People in this category are welcome to use our guild perks and guild repair (300g daily), plus if I can get the damned bank in order, get some useful items from the guild bank. No promises on the guild bank yet though.

b) PvE Raider - people who PvE in order to gather gear that will allow them to enter and beat raids. I had hopes that we could have a PvE and a PvP section, but time and personnel restraints probably make this unlikely. I organized a few raids in the latter stages of Cataclysm but I found that the people who were most reliable were also the same people who liked to PvP and formed the core of our Rated BG team. So unless someone out there wants to step up and organize 10 man raids I'm afraid I won't be organizing too many of these in favor of a PvP focus. If you are looking for a PvE raiding guild you might have to look elsewhere - not that we don't want you here, but I don't want to mislead people into thinking this is a raiding guild when it is not.

c) Casual PvPer - people who enjoy casual Arenas, random BGs and World PvP, but don't necessarily enjoy or want to compete in ladder based PvP. As with a), these type of folk are welcome to use our guild services, with the added perk that you should be able to find partners or team mates within the guild most of the time if you ever need to get the Honor or Conquest point cap. In addition, we initiate world PvP from time to time - last season we raided Orgrimmar at least six times - four times as a 10+ raid group, once as a 5 man group, and yet another time in September 2012 as a massive 40+ raid group in conjunction with other PvP guilds on the server. During the latter raid we actually cleared the main area of Orgrimmar and owned the streets for about 10 minutes until the Horde rallied and forced us back into the opening tunnels where we held out for another 20 minutes before finally getting pushed out. So if World PvP is your thing, you can't go wrong being in the FAC.

d) PvP Rating Hunter - people who play to improve their rating in Arenas and Rated BGs. I fall squarely in this section (you might have noticed) and if you do too and are looking for partners or team mates, give me a shout. I can try to hook you up, and not necessarily just within the guild - we've built a network of PvPers on the server and with luck there will be someone who is looking for your class ("Need a shaman healer for an RLS comp? Pick me!!!"). I will also resume running Rated BGs in 2-3 weeks once people have levelled to 90 and have begun their PvP gear grind. More to follow in the days ahead.

All types of players are welcome to the guild, and none of the categories above are inherently better than any other - it is all a matter of personal preference (just a computer game, remember?). The categories are not cut and dried, either, I'm quite certain most people enjoy a blend of the activities above. Whatever floats your boat, however, we should respect each other's gameplay choices - live and let live, so to speak. No trash talk, or arm twisting to make people do things they don't enjoy doing. I would like to keep the atmosphere of the guild as friendly and as welcoming as possible, even if our reputation on server is as a PvP guild.

Now, to get my pallie to 90...

Best Rated Players on TB Server

Ogrimm, Sep 13, 12 11:09 AM.
I have added a list of all Alliance players on the server that have either a) achieved a 1550+ rating on any Arena bracket; or b) attained the Sergeant-Major title (1500+ RBG rating). The list can be found on the Information section on the left side of the screen. A quick look will illustrate that the list is quite small - a lot of those names are alts. One of our aims in MoP will be to add more FAC names to that list.

Bring on the pandas!

Final PvP Report for S11

Ogrimm, Sep 11, 12 3:00 AM.

This is the final PvP report for the Cataclysm expansion, illustrating our improvement as a guild in Rated BGs over the course of Season 11:

1st Half of Season 11 2nd Half of Season 11
Win Loss Win % Win Loss Win %
1000+ 3 0 100% 3 0 100%
1100+ 4 1 80% 4 0 100%
1200+ 12 5 71% 9 5 64%
1300+ 12 11 52% 17 7 71%
1400+ 6 18 25% 18 23 44%
1500+ 1 9 10% 7 19 27%
1600+ 0 3 0% 0 6 0%
1700+ 0 0 0% 0 2 0%
1800+ 0 1 0% 0 1 0%
1900+ 0 0 0% 0 0 0%
2000+ 0 0 0% 0 0 0%
2100+ 0 0 0% 0 0 0%
2200+ 0 1 0% 0 1 0%
2300+ 0 1 0% 0 0 0%

If we compare the win percentages between the first and second half of the season, we can see marked improvements in most brackets. Essentially we started from winning 1 in 4 games against 1400+ teams, to winning 1 in 4 games against 1500+ teams. Our record against 1400+ teams got bumped from 25% to 44%, and this coupled with our better record in the 1500+ bracket allowed our regulars to win the Sergeant-Major title.

MvP Leaderboards for KBs and overall damage were dominated by the folk from <Double Entendre> like Ratsac, Yav and Coronaxtra, reinforcing my belief that we need hard hitters to be competitive in RBGs. Whenever those guys played with us they would invariably win top honors. High ranked irregulars like Barbaian and Busterblader also topped the charts whenever they played (usually on one alt or another, i.e. Weihe, or Ddryice, etc.). For Season 12 I would like to focus on developing the DPS inside our guild, and try to get them to 1550+, so as to lessen our reliance on the highly rated irregulars. The 5k gold bounty was an abysmal failure in terms of motivating people to improve their Arena ratings – the only person to win it was Herestheboom, and he was already a 2k veteran on his warrior on Frostmourne. At the moment there are only four people in the guild with a rating of over 1550+ in any Arena bracket - one of my goals for the MoP expansion will be to increase this number either by recruitment or, more likely, by in-guild development. There are a quite a few people capable of breaking 1550+ within the guild - they just need the right partners to build a competitive Arena team. People give me a hard time about obsessing over the 1550+ achievement, but my main contention is that until a person breaks the 1550+ threshold, there is nothing differentiating them from the teeming masses of people who claim to be good PvPers (but according to the bell curve, are actually just average). 1550+ represents a minimum level of achievement, especially amongst serious PvPers, who look at ranking as the primary determinant of skill. I estimate that there are only about 30-40 people on the server rated 1550+ or above (I’m compiling a list, believe it or not).
As for the other MvP awards, the stand outs were Moleartie with 27+ caps, some done in some very clutch situations; Borys, who despite his long absence still tops the Stalwart Defender category and was by far our best and most reliable defender; Q on her lock or druid, either topping CCs in the case of the former, or topping heals in the case of the latter. I really think that we have made great improvements, both individually and as a team – I can honestly say that there are quite a number of guildies, including myself, who are much better players now than when we first started out in the waning days of Season 10. Let’s keep striving to be better as we march into a new expansion, regardless of whether that improvement is from 1300+ to 1400+, or from 1700+ to 1800+. To end this little diatribe of mine, I will paraphrase an old Chinese proverb (which I think is strangely apt, given MoP’s Oriental setting) – “Be not afraid of moving slowly – be only afraid of standing still.”
Hello everyone! Welcome to the Fifth Armored Corps!

Guild Overview

The Fifth Armored Corps is an Alliance guild based in the World of Warcraft Thorium Brotherhood US Role-Play server. The Corps was established in July 15, 2006 by a group of disaffected officers from the Seventh Armored Corps. Since that time it has undergone a number of incarnations, to its present one as a Rated BG PvP guild. We are committed to the following:

1. Providing a friendly, supportive and pleasant environment in which to play World of Warcraft. We are an association of players from around the world from different backgrounds and spanning different generations. All members should:

a) Be courteous and respectful of other people's beliefs.

b) Absolutely no spamming or swearing in guild chat.

c) Avoid insisting or demanding for help in guild chat. The Corps is strictly a voluntary association of WoW players, and as such no one has any claim on anyone's valuable time unless it is offered to begin with.

d) Prioritize people over gear. Yes, well geared people are essential for progression, but this does not give anyone the right to disrespect other people based on gear that exists solely in the framework of a computer game.

2. Having fun. World of Warcraft is a game, and as such, should not be treated all that seriously. Wipes happen, face pulls more so, people make mistakes and sometimes you die of poison accidentally - this is a fact of WoW life and should be accepted with a rueful shake of the head and a smile. We are here to have fun, meet cool people, and to play the game for our entertainment.

3. Experiencing the content of the world's number one MMORPG and achieving the goals set out below.


Our current goals in Cataclysm are as follows (posted 22 April 2012):

1. Achieve a 1400+ rating in Rated BG's for the majority of our regular players (achieved);

2. Win 75 RBG's and get the title and mount for the majority of our regular players (achieved).


The Fifth uses the following add-ons for raiding:

1. Deadly Boss Mod - useful for boss fights, displays timers and alerts for boss special abilities;

2. Recount - tracks performance related stats for raiding like DPS, overall damage, healing, etc.
In our current incarnation as a PvP guild, we would also highly recommend the following add-ons for Arenas and RBG's:

1. GladiatorlosSA - excellent Arena add-on, provides instant voice prompts for when enemies use abilities - also provides a voice prompt when enemy uses their trinket;

2. Healers Have To Die - marks healers with a distinctive + on their heads and gives an audio cue when healers are targeted or moused over;

3. Battleground Targets - provides a list of opposition targets in BG's which includes useful information such as spec, class, health, etc. - makes focus firing and target switching very easy;
4. Lose Control - displays CC effects on friendlies as well as enemies by replacing their portrait with a picture of the current CC, along with a timer to show duration remaining - this allows players to chain their CCs more effectively (by not overlapping a friendly CC) and to manage diminishing returns on their CCs.

All mods can be downloaded for free from

We also have a Vent server and it is a requirement for all raiders to download and use Vent during raids.


The Corps has had an open recruitment policy to date, but as of 25 November 2007, we are restricting recruitment to people who can demonstrate a commitment to the tenets elucidated above. There is no level restriction as such, but new members must be mature, friendly and be vouched for by an existing member before they can be considered for membership. Age is also not important, but maturity is a must.
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